Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Blog Audience

A lot of bloggers get into this venue to let off steam or be heard.  Some are wannabe authors trying to practice and perfect their craft while building up a reader base for once they get published. Some of us are trying to save money that would go toward therapy if we didn't have a place to vent...and then there's me...a combination of all of the above. Also, there are several attention whores, who like myself, love to hog the spotlight. That said, I have to admit a little secret about blogger.....they track your stats. This includes some of the URLs that visited my site. And guess what.  I'm being read by someone who works at herbal erectile dysfunction company. I always figured that since I'm writing about mostly women's issues, girly bits, periods and SAHM stuff that people who work for tampon, bra, and PMS medicine companies would be checking out my blog. I guess I was wrong and those dedicated to helping perpetually flaccid men are following my blog...secretly...or they're signing up as my cult followers under 'chick pseudonyms.'   I'm sorry. I shouldn't make fun of erectile dysfunction. It is a serious medical issue. And I'm just grateful that ANYONE reads my blog. So, welcome and keep reading.

Just found it interesting. That is all.

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