Thursday, May 2, 2013

28 Days and a Wake Up!


Most of you who didn't grow up in a military background probably don't understand that. So, I'll explain.
We are 29 days away from leaving Egypt. I've got all our appliances and furniture sold and I'm in the middle of packing up the stuff we're taking with us and getting rid of the stuff we're not. Plus screaming "QUIT FIGHTING!" and "GO STUDY YOUR HISTORY!" and "DON'T FART ON YOUR BROTHER'S HEAD!" or whatever usual shout-out I have to yell regularly to keep this house a home.

So this is why I've been so lax in my writing lately. I've just been too busy. (Between all of that stuff and keeping up with my Criminal Case game on Facebook, you understand.) But really mostly the busy stuff.

I'm hoping to make the time to do a brief photo-mentary and upload that before we leave, so that I can share the beauty of Egypt as we know it.  Not the touristy crap that everyone sees...but the day to day people stuff and how we live. It's a lot earthier and real.

Anyway, I guess this isn't really as much a post as it is an apology for not being more prolific in my writing. But I will post a few more times before we leave here and hopefully once I get into my rhythm after we get back to the People's Republic of Texas, I'll get all regular on here again.

In the mean time, thanks for reading my stuff.


  1. Hey! Just flew back from a TDY to Texas last night. I've never really spent time there before, but now I've seen how great it is. I know you'll be glad to be home again! Is Denise in TX too? I might have to look you guys up if I go back out again, if you're near either Austin or San Antonio.

    1. Starr? Like the Starr we went to high school with? How good to hear from you! Yes, Denise is in TX, too. And our brother is in Austin. Definitely we'll have to get together next time you're out!

  2. wishing you the best with a smooth move back to usa.. I am sure you will miss Egypt too. maybe if you have all your stuff done in the day like packing and computer it will be easier to handle the kids. I understand I have a large family.