Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Me:  Son, you keep teasing your sister and one of these days she's going to tag you right in the eye.

     He:  Pffft! I don't think so. She knows better.

Me:  Mm-hmmmmm. Keep it up. I'm telling you, she's going to pop you one and make you cry.

     He:  Yeah, right. 

**********Several weeks later, during a power outage when nerves were high after sitting in
the dark for well over an hour*************

He:  Shut up, Randa!

     She:  Ismail, stop it. Don't say 'shut up.'

He:  You're not the boss of me. I said, 'Shut up,' so 'SHUT UP!'

     She:  Ismail! Stop yelling!

He:  Yeah, heifer! SHUT UP!

     She: No, Ismail! SHUT UP.


Me:  Aiman, give me the flash light! Son, what happened?

     He:   She  punched me in the eye! I'm going to kill her!

Me:  Let me look at it. Hmmmm. Remember a few weeks ago when I told you to let her be or she'd pop you?
    He:  Yeah?

Me:  Well, consider that eye dotted! 


  1. Lol, omg, mom karma!!! I can't help but laugh at this. Poor Ismail.

  2. ROFLLLLLLLLLL He was warned.

  3. oh my gosh!!!!!! Well as the mother of 4 kids....I could have written this post!!! Mama told him what would happen!

  4. Moms can see into the future!!! LOL!!