Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Doh!! I'm Really Not That Clever

On the way home from school today, my youngest son and I had the following conversation:

Boy:  You know this chocolate bar is stupid. I can't believe I just
          spent a whole pound on this skinny chocolate bar and I feel
          like I got ripped off. It's so small.
Me:    Yeah, well. You chose it, remember.

Boy:   Still, it tasted good.

Me:     I guess.

Boy:   You know, Mommy. They have the same size chocolate for
           half a pound but don't ever buy it.
Me:    Yeah, I know. It tastes like butt.

Boy:   Well, I was gonna say, 'It tastes like poop.'

Me:     Got much experience in what poop tastes like?

Boy:    Not really. You got much experience in what butt tastes like?

Me:     Touche'.