Saturday, February 12, 2011

Apologies and Announcements

Apologies first, to all my dedicated readers (both of you) for the delay in getting back on here.
We moved into this apartment 6 weeks ago and while I did get the computer set up within the
first week, we had issues with the internet provider and then mid-term exams and then, as I'm
sure NO ONE on the planet is unaware, 18 days of protesting and demonstrating until finally
HOSNI MUBARAK LEFT THE OFFICE!!! Do you wanna discuss the meaning of JOY???
I've not seen this much happiness at weddings. Not a dry eye or lack of smile anywhere....well,
with the exception of maybe that dude, Omar Suleiman who was his head of Intelligence for over
20 years that he'd appointed as Vice-President and then hung out to dry 10 days later when he
turned the country over to the military until elections are set up. HA! In your face, Omar.
So........God willing, I'll be back to blogging about all our usual shenanigans after of course, my
take and further information that I've learned about the stuff going on here that may or may not
have been relayed by my esteemed colleagues (hahahahah) at CNN, Al-Jazeera and the BBC.
Thanks to all for your prayers and concern during our time of unrest. Love to you all. -Nikki


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you all and for all of the Egyptian people! Wooooo-hoooo!!

  2. Glad to hear you and yours are OK. Look forward to reading of your daily "shenanigans", love that word BTW.

  3. I'd love to read about your children's reactions to the latest situation.

    We haven't heard from Egypt's youth in the media.